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corporate membership - terms and conditions

Information for Corporate Membership Applicants

1. Corporate membership is open to companies with at least six lawyers in Hong Kong and must cover all the lawyers in the corporate unit at the time of renewal. The corporate unit could be a company, a department or division within a company, or a group of related companies.
2. The cost of a 1 year corporate membership is HK$500 times the number of lawyers covered (minimum of 6, no maximum).
3. The membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August. However, applications made in the month of August each year will automatically be processed as an application for the next membership year commencing 1 September.
4. Applications for membership in the period 01 May to 31 August are entitled to a 50% discount.

5. Upon receiving this completed form, HKCCA will issue an invoice to the Membership Coordinator along with payment instructions.

6. Payments for corporate membership will not be refundable in any event and there will be no refunds for any person who resigns his/her individual membership due to being included in corporate membership.

7. Keep your membership details up to date. The first member of a Corporate Membership is named the Bundle Administrator. At any time, and for no additional cost, the Bundle Administrator can remove colleagues from the bundle and add replacements to the existing member group from its own profile. For additional new members to be added to the company's existing bundle (i.e. if you wish to increase your initial bundle size) the standard fee will apply. The Bundle Administrator's guidelines are available to download here (upon subscription): Bundle Administrators Guidelines.

8. For more information, see Membership FAQs or contact HKCCA Secretariat at info@hkcca.net / (852) 2516 7007.

Terms & Conditions

1. On behalf of my company, I apply for membership of HKCCA for the current membership year ending 31 August. However, I understand that applications made in the month of August each year will automatically be processed as an application for the next membership year commencing 1 September.

2. I declare that the information I am providing in support of this application is true and correct.

3. I declare that the individuals to be included under this Corporate Membership application meet the eligibility criteria for individual membership, and that all eligible individuals within the company at the present time have been included in this application.

4. If HKCCA decides to admit our company to membership, our company undertakes to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of HKCCA (and any alteration or amendment to it) and to comply with such rules made under it.

5. I shall arrange payment of the relevant Membership Fee within 2 weeks of this application.

6. I understand that HKCCA compiles a Members Directory based on information provided by members and that members providing relevant information are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. I agree that HKCCA, its ExCo and the Secretariat shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the Members Directory. HKCCA reserves the right to edit or remove any information in the Members Directory which, at its absolute discretion, it views as erroneous, misleading or inaccurate in any respect. The information contained in the Members Directory should not be construed as an endorsement of any member, company, or individual.

7. By applying for membership on behalf of the individuals included in this Corporate Membership, I have ascertained that all the named corporate individuals consent to having their respective individual's name, organisation, job title, email address and contact number made available in the Members Directory in the members’ only section of the HKCCA website and/or to  vendors selected by the HKCCA who provide products and services to the association community. Members may opt out of being included upon application or from their profile.

Privacy Collection Statement

The data collected from you will be processed, kept and used by the Association for purposes related to the Association's activities. It may be disclosed to other members and third parties in connection with such purposes.

The Association may not be able to consider and process your membership without the data. You may access and correct your data at any time by logging in to your Profile in the Members' Area.

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