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Hong Kong’s only association run ‘by in-house counsel, for in-house counsel’®

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Hong Kong (formerly Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association) is dedicated to supporting and advancing the in-house legal profession in Hong Kong. Our 900 plus Hong Kong members form part of the global ACC global network, consisting of more than 44,000 in-house counsel members in 85 countries. ACC Hong Kong members have access to quality local educational and networking events, regional publications and resources, as well as insights and best practice from the global in-house profession.

New ACC Report Shows the Value of Legal Operations

One of the most comprehensive reports of its kind, the 2020 ACC Legal Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report, created in partnership with Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, analyses data for 316 legal departments of all sizes, across 29 countries, and 24 industries.

Did You Know:

  • Mature legal operations functions have shown to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Most organizations, on average, do not have a mature legal department.
  • Having a legal operations professional on staff improves a legal department's maturity rate across ALL 15 functions tested.

Building on the success of ACC's legal operations maturity model, this unprecedented report identifies and assesses 15 legal operations functions and 92 sub functions and cross-indexes them by sector, size, country, and other categories. The report also includes a "best in class" index, which profiles the most mature departments. Find out how advanced your legal department is and the areas that need improvement compared to similar organizations.

Information on the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

For Information on the Novel Coronovirus please see the following link: Dealing with the 2019-nCov Coronavirus Epidemic: Resources for in-house Counsel.


2020 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey now available

For over 20 years, ACC’s flagship study of insights from Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) and General Counsel (GC) has contributed decisively to ACC’s core purpose of advancing the interests of the in-house legal profession by providing crucial, high-quality data on the state of the corporate legal department. The 2020 in-depth study builds on responses from over 1,000 CLOs and GCs from 47 countries, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of its kind.

The survey offers a number of rare insights into the effect of legal on business. The data give new perspectives on organizational structure and the responsibilities of the legal department; the depth of the CLO’s interactions with, and influence on, business executives and the board of directors; the most pressing business concerns for in-house counsel; and the trends that will affect the profession in the near future. Importantly, while this report includes insights on the legal department from the perspective of CLOs, all in-house counsel will benefit from the data.

The report contains four main sections. First, we present data on the role and reach of CLOs, including reporting structure, responsibilities, and the scope of the legal department. Second, we take a deeper look at the legal department’s value to the business by mapping the influence of the CLO on business strategy and decision-making. Third, we offer insights on CLOs’ experience with political and regulatory changes. Finally, we consider the future of the legal department, specifically the effect that enterprise digital transformation is already having in the in-house profession, and what other new challenges lie ahead.

A full report is available for download Click here


Click here for a full copy of the ACC Hong Kong Guide for In-house Counsel on Pro bono Legal Work in Hong KongThe guide covers the scope of pro bono services and the regulatory Hong Kong landscape, information on key Hong Kong organizations in need of pro bono legal services, and support and advocacy for pro bono engagement by the Hong Kong legal community.

Upcoming Events

CPBS 500x500 Campaign

The Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Service (CPBS) has relied solely on volunteers and the SoCO staff working unpaid overtime. Having an employed case manager and proper resourcing will enable us to assist more people. So our fundraising target is simple: get 500 people (at least) to donate (at least) $500. This is the minimum estimated amount we require for at least one case manager and related costs for a trial period of 6 to 12 months.

Please join us at the #500Club, so that we can make a lasting positive impact on social justice and the rule of law in Hong Kong. You can make a donation at the Simplygiving website, then share your donation on social media as well to spread the news.

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