Hong Kong’s only association of in-house counsel run for in-house counsel by in-house counsel

ACC Hong Kong (formerly Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association) is Hong Kong's only association of in-house counsel run by in-house counsel for in-house counsel. We pride ourselves in knowing what in-house counsel want to learn, to hear, to advocate and to participate in, and we believe we know how to organise activities to meet these needs. We have more than 800 members in Hong Kong and with the alliance between HKCCA and ACC we are now part of the ACC global network with more than 42,000 in-house counsel members in 85 countries.

Upcoming Events

Join a Subcommittee

The Executive Committee of ACC Hong Kong invites all ACC Hong Kong members to join any of the below operating or programming subcommittees. Members are encouraged to contact the chair of a subcommittee directly to get more details or to join.  As subcommittees are at the heart of ACC Hong Kong, participating in a subcommittee gives members an idea of how ACC Hong Kong operates, helps members get to know the Directors, and prepares interested members to become future Board members. Please click here to learn more about the ACC Hong Kong subcommittees.


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Global Regulatory Perspectives on Initial Coin Offerings: Structuring and Execution
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ACC Hong Kong and FIDA Series: International lawyers who have transitioned into a career in academia
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