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Slaughter and May - More than Law Cultural Series - Guest speaker Kai-Yin Lo

  • 17 Oct 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Library at the China Club, 13 F/ The Old Bank of China Building Bank Street, Central, Hong Kong

The Executive Committee of the HKCCA is delighted to support Slaughter and May's More than Law Cultural Series event with Kai-Yin Lo as a guest speaker. Please see the event details below and register through Slaughter and May by contacting Lesley Wright.

More than Law Cultural Series - Guest speaker Kai-Yin Lo
17 October 2016 
Award-winning jewellery designer, curator and authority in Chinese culture, heritage and design

Slaughter and May is delighted to have Kai-Yin Lo, a world renowned designer of jewellery, accessories, ceramics and a noted historian, cultural advisor and author, to be our guest speaker in the first of our ‘More than Law Cultural Series’.

You and a guest are welcome to join us on 17 October 2016 to learn more about Kai-Yin who is a recognised authority in Chinese culture, traditional and contemporary art and design, the essence of which is represented in her unique creations.

Kai-Yin was the first designer to be awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong Government in 2009 and was also the recipient of the Hong Kong Design Centre’s World Outstanding Chinese Designer Award in 2007, a top accolade for a designer of Chinese nationality.
About Kai-Yin’s talk

Having studied European history at Cambridge and London Universities, Kai-Yin learnt Chinese history and heritage through artefacts that appeared in Hong Kong in the 1980’s and 1990’s. She travelled extensively in rural China, studied the Chinese house, its people and habitats, communities and organisation of the family that resulted in three books “Classical and Vernacular Chinese Furniture in the Living Environment” (1998), “Living Heritage - Vernacular Environment in China” (1999), and “House Home Family - Living and Being Chinese” (2005).

Collecting antiques of the Han, Tang and Song dynasties made her aware of Central Asian influences evident in metalware and earthenware. Journeys undertaken from Xian, Lanzhou to Dunhuang and the Northern Silk Road - Kashgar, Iran, Syria and Lebanon (2003-2008) helped Kai-Yin gain knowledge and an understanding on the manners and mores on these Silk Road tracks, as well as influences and inter-relations in design, architecture, ceramics and metalware.

These cross cultural references form a core in her scholarly research and are evident in her jewellery and ceramic designs. Another range of jewellery by Kai-Yin Lo is modern and avant-garde in style.

The present policy “One Belt, One Road” by the Chinese Government is an affirmation and renewed rhetoric of the connectivity in millennia old trade routes that took the fabled products of Chinese silks and textiles across the land route of the Middle East to the Mediterranean.

From the 15th Century, sea routes carried porcelain across the Indian Ocean to Europe and Africa. Trade, the dominant factor of the exchange, led to cross cultural fertilization. “One Belt, One Road” in policy and practice promotes trade, economic and political capital and influence.

More about the Kai-Yin Lo

Kai-Yin Lo as a designer, is one of Asia’s first international brands. Celebrated as a designer of jewellery, accessories and ceramics, she melds the cultural heritages of East and West and interprets them in original, contemporary and highly wearable and usable ways. As a cultural historian and editor of five influential books, ranging from Chinese furniture and living patterns to Song ceramics and Hong Kong design culture, she presents art, design and culture as an inter-related process. She is also the curator and organiser of events held at the British Museum and Asia Society in New York and Hong Kong, and is: a Board Member of the M+Museum and Hong Kong Design Centre; the Principal Visiting Lecturer of Cross Culture at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London; a Member of the Asia Pacific Art Acquisition Committee of the Tate Modern in London; the Visiting Professor of the School of Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing; and a Member of the Global Leadership Council of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

For more details please visit www.kaiyinlo-design.com
17 October 2016
18.00 to 21.00 - Cocktails and canapés will be served
The Library at the China Club, 13 F/ The Old Bank of China Building Bank Street Central Hong Kong
Dress Code:  No T-shirts, Polo shirts, shorts, sandal, trainers or slippers

To RSVP, please contact Lesley Wright
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